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Product Features

  • No Internet Required Our service allows you to receive email notifications on your mobile phone via SMS. No internet connection required. No 3G or GRPS connection required. All you need is a mobile phone which can receive SMS text messages.
  • Instant Mail Alerts Get all your email alerts on your mobile phone through SMS within seconds. SMS delivers in maximum of 30 seconds once you receive any new mail in your inbox. No SMS traffic congestions or delays. Look, you get an email in your inbox & you get sms text message in your mobile phone within 30 seconds. As simple as that!
  • SMS Alert Content The SMS alerts also includes sender’s name, sender’s email address along with subject of the email. Want more? Sure, you also get few characters of body of the email. All this in 30 seconds time once you get a new email in your inbox.
  • Works with all Our system works with almost all webmail such as Business Emails, Corporate Webmail, Cpanel, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, etc. Any email account having auto-mail forwarding feature can work with us.
  • Mail Filter Why receive all the unwanted emails as SMS? Take control over. Receive SMS alerts for only those important mails in your inbox. Filter all unwanted emails. Make use of WhiteList and BlackList Mails filter option. You also get control over your account to start or stop this service with just a click on a button.
  • Spam Filtration We hate spam as you do. Our auto spam filtration system is made active to all our accounts in order to avoid receiving sms alerts for incoming spam emails in your mail inbox. This is to ensure that you shouldn’t receive SMS alerts on your mobile phone if you receive any spam emails in your inbox.
  • Do-Not-Disturb Registry Is your mobile number registered in National Do Not Disturb Registry? Don’t worry. You still receive sms alerts for every new email in your inbox. Irrespective of your mobile number registered in DND, you get sms alerts from us for every new mail 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. Our service never stops.

It works on the basic principle of auto-mail forwarding.

  • Almost all the email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Cpanel, etc, has an option called auto-mail forwarding.
  • Every registered member of our service is given a unique email address (such as abcd123@weekwill.com).
  • The user just needs to enter their unique email address in the auto- mail forwarding option of their Email account.
  • Don’t worry, we do NOT store your emails. Check out our Security.

Few More Advanced features

  • For Corporate & OrganizationsOur system can be completely customized as per your needs with advanced mail filtration option, keyword filtration, group alerts system, SMS content filtration and many more.
  • Group Alerts SystemSay you have a team and you want emails to be alerted as SMS to all your team members. Well, we got your job done. Our Group Alerts System will alert all your team members with SMS for an email you receive. Create unlimited groups and add unlimited users/agents/team members. Read more in detail
  • SMS Content FiltrationWhen you receive an email, you get SMS alert with parameters such as sender’s name, sender’s email address, subject of the email and body of the email. Using our SMS Content Filter, you can remove any of these parameters as per your choice. You don’t want sender’s name to be appearing in the SMS alerts you receive, you can remove it.
  • Body Parameter FiltrationThis might help you in many ways. Say, few of the contents in your body of the email are more important for you and you might not afford to miss those to be appearing in the sms alerts you receive. Using Body Parameter Filter you can completely customize as per your needs. Be it a specific word or keyword to be removed from the body of the email to be appearing in SMS body parameter or remove a complete line based on specific word. Well, like we said, for corporate & organizations, we completely customize our system as per your needsRead. Read More - How it works