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Gmail is the most powerful and widely used free email service. Gmail gives you huge amount of space for your email and many other things. But how do you know that you have received a new email in your inbox? Well, WeekWill.com helps you know if you have received an email in your Gmail inbox without having access to email or internet. It sends out sms notification to your mobile containing all the vital information such as sender’s name, sender’s email address, subject of the email and also few characters of the body content of the email. This is an amazing service for you to get all your Gmail mails in your mobile phone though SMS without having any Internet connection or 3G or GPRS in your cell phone.

There is no hectic setup or no software to download. Just register with us and one time setup of auto-mail forwarding and you are done. You get all your Gmail emails in your cell phone via SMS. It takes not more than 30 seconds to notify you when you get a mail. You get instant SMS within 30 seconds once you receive any new email in your Gmail account.

Gmail also has its inbuilt Gmail on Mobile feature on various smart phones using its own apps but the problem here is you need to have a smart phone capable of using the gmail application and most importantly you need to have internet access or 3G data available in your phone all the time. However, the major advantage of using our service is that you don’t require a smart phone or any application. You also don’t require spending money on internet data in your phone. All you need is a cell phone which has the capabilities of receive sms.

The advantages of our service - You don’t need to be in front of your computer or PC to wait for a new email.
- You get email updates via SMS within 30 seconds of any new email in your Gmail.
- You also receive body of the email as SMS in your mobile phone along with subject of the email, sender’s email address and name.
- You need NOT share your Gmail password with us to setup our service.
- We have BlackList & WhiteList Mail Filter. Black list all the unwanted emails & receive sms alerts for only those important emails.
- Are you in USA or India? Don’t worry our service works in 209 countries.

Are you using Google App or Gmail based email for your company or organization?
Well, we have tons of features for you. We can completely customize our system as for your needs.

Our client says..

  • Redbus
    It's been over a year long association with WeekWill and the experience is just awesome. WeekWill keeps our team always busy & alerted whenever any outage occurs in our servers. It helps us increase our productivity. The support team behind it is excellent. Amazing service and highly recommended...
    - Sharanajata MishraManager - Engineering Operations, redBus.in
100% Money Back GuaranteeWe give you 7 days money back guarantee in case you don’t like our service. No questions asked.
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