WhatsUp Gold & SolarWinds SMS Alerts On Mobile

WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds are the well-known IT management & network monitoring software available in the market. It simplifies the detection of network issues and helps you to diagnose & resolve the issue before any outages occur. It also tracks & monitors various systems and applications in your IT Network Infrastructure.

It also allows you to receive email alerts or notification if there’s any issue in your system or network. Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive that email alerts as SMS in your mobile phone? By this you never miss any critical emails from WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds. Here is WeekWill.com which sends out SMS text message to your mobile or your team’s mobile as soon as you get any email from WhatsUp Gold or SolarWinds. No SMS modem hardware to be install and no heavy configuration required. Just register with WeekWill.com and are done.


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