Email message alerts on SMS? Receive email sms notification on mobile!

Email Alerts via SMSYes, we all agree that emails have become so important in our life these days that we are literally addicted to checking our emails every now and then. Be it at home or office. I receive more than 100 emails a day but you know what out of them not more than 10 emails are important to me. This is the problem. You sometimes might be expecting an important email from your boss or manager and you can’t afford to leave your PC or laptop before your eyes. Why do you want to struggle with so called “emails” when you have access to technology which can solve your problems!

Okay. What if you receive your important emails sent by your boss or manager directly in your mobile phone as SMS? Would you be excited? Does it solve your problem? Well, it solves mine though! So, we at provide a service by which you get email message notifications on your mobile phone though SMS in just 30 seconds. [Please don’t tell me that you got an android or blackberry with internet connection. We know how bad GPRS works here and forget 3G being so expensive (I doubt you can afford it :D ).] Even if you have good internet connection or speed in your mobile phone it takes bit time in automatically synchronizing new emails in your mobile phone and alerting you (tried it personally). Our service doesn’t require your phone to have internet or 3G data. All you need is to have a mobile phone which can receive SMS text messages. Here comes the best part. The sms text message you receive contains some vital information about the email you received. It informs you about who has sent the email (person’s name), from which email address you received the mail (sender’s email address), the subject of the email & most importantly the body of the mail. All in JUST 30 SECONDS. [Sometimes in 10 seconds]

Now tell me do you still want to stare at the screen with your eyes wide-open checking if you have received the important email from your manager/boss? C’mon, we are here to let you know when you have received an important email. It is recommended to go through our Product Tour page to know more about our service.

Did you know that we can completely change/modify or customize our system as per your needs? Yes, for corporate/organizations our system can be customized as per your needs. The product tour page explains few advanced features too. And did I forget to mention that our service works in more than 200 countries?

Tired of reading now? Okay let me show you a video introduction about our service. Watch it below.

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