Our Security

WeekWill.com uses some of the most advanced technologies while storing and securing clients information. We are hosted in world-class hosting with Zero-Downtime Network & Encryption. We never ask for client’s email passwords while setting up the account. Our email servers receive more than 3 lakhs incoming emails a day. Each & every email after processing is destroyed. None of the incoming emails are stored in the server. We never store any emails in our server. All we store is the numbers of sms alerts sent to you(SMS Count), content of SMS sent to you, date & time & delivery report. It takes not more than 15 seconds for our system to process your email and send out a sms text message to you.

The complexity of our system makes it difficult for us to show you the data flow of the emails in our server. However, in simple way, below is the data flow of how we process your emails.

WeekWill.com Data Flow

Our datacenter is located in Bulgaria, Europe which is at the Telepoint facility which has ISO certification for quality (ISO 9001:2008) and data security protection (ISO 27001).

Our Data Center Facts

General specification

  • Multiple layers of security & authentication including card key
  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers
  • A and B backup diesel generators on standby
  • Generators tested bi-weekly and routinely run at full load
  • A and B power feeds
  • 24/7/365 staffed
  • Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression
  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system

Network specification

  • Multi-homed network
  • Gigabit connectivity to each rack
  • Dual network feeds from Level 3 and Cogent
  • BGP routing
  • Dual connectivity for each server to 2 switches

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