Receive Nagios SMS Alerts On Mobile Phone

Nagios is an IT infrastructure monitoring system that alerts you when an abnormal condition occurs in your IT system. Nagios helps you informed about any critical errors in your IT systems and also helps you to rectify and solve the issue.

nagios-sms-alerts-notifications-mobile-phone1Typically, Nagios Monitoring System will send out an email notification to you about the problem or the issue in your IT Infrastructure or IT System. But is email notification or alert enough? What if you are away from your computer? You may miss your critical emails from Nagios and might sometime cost you a lot. How about receive Nagios email alerts on SMS?

Well, allows you to receive Nagios email notifications as SMS text message. So whenever you get critical emails from Nagios you get SMS text message in your mobile phone within 30 seconds. Why only you receive SMS alerts for critical emails from Nagios? WeekWill’s Group Alerts System will send SMS text message to all your IT team members for every new critical emails you receive from Nagios. Register Now.

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